A panotour is a fascinating and emotional virtual experience that combines 360-degree panoramas and interactive elements. It showcases businesses, attractions and destinations in an impressive way, allowing potential customers to gain insight into what you have to offer from the comfort of their own home and thereby become more interested.

For companies from all sectors that want to present their premises in an innovative way! Positive customer experiences & more online inquiries through independent playful navigation in 3D objects of companies, places & real estate. Let your visitors decide freely how they should explore your premises and remove any restrictions. Our virtual tours are suitable for virtual reality and can be experienced in a realistic way with various VR glasses. This makes it ideal for presentation on websites, social media channels or trade fairs in order to clearly stand out from the competition. Welcome to the 360° future and the age of digitalization.

A virtual tour can be used in many places. Here are some of the areas of application :
Real Estate Industry: A virtual tour is an effective way to sell or rent real estate by giving interested parties an impression of the premises without having to be there.
Hotels and Travel Industry: Virtual tours can be used to
explore hotels and other destinations before making a booking. This is particularly important since the
interested party usually comes from far away.
Retail and Malls: Virtual tours can be used to
explore retailers and malls before making a purchase.
Service companies: People want to feel comfortable in the fitness center, at the dentist or in co-working. A virtual tour convinces you of the quality of the company.
Museums and cultural institutions: Virtual tours can be used to
explore museums and cultural institutions without having to be there. This is particularly useful for
people who come from a distance or have physical limitations.

There are several benefits to using Google Street View images. They allow you to give your customers a realistic impression of your location or surroundings and attract potential customers. They improve your online presence and increase your visibility in search results. You can also use the images for marketing purposes and improve your own business processes.

Yes and no! Google Street View images are specifically optimized for use in Google Maps or Google Earth and now cover the entire world, with a resolution of around 60 to 100 megapixels. We, on the other hand, focus on creating high-resolution and dynamic panoramic images inside buildings. To do this, we like to take photos with a higher resolution and a larger dynamic range. We create several images and generate a perfect panorama from them. Outdoors, we are increasing the number of images and therefore the resolution even further. Here we differ significantly from the images that Google creates with the Google Streetview cars. However, if the goal is to create images for Google Maps, then our solution for Google Streetview offers the ability to create virtual recordings/images and present them online.

Der Vorteil liegt ganz klar in der Planung und den Orten, an denen wir unsere Aufnahmen machen. Google konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf Outdoor-Bilder (Streetview), während wir uns um alle anderen Bilder kümmern, die im Unternehmen oder in der Region entstehen sollen. Darüber hinaus sind unsere Bilder von höherer Auflösung und besserer Qualität. Die 360°-Bilder, die wir produzieren, können auch auf anderen Kanälen wie Facebook, Instagram und der eigenen Website verwendet werden. Dadurch werben die Bilder bei Interessenten und gewinnen neue Kunden.

Google and their Streetview vehicles are known worldwide and continuously take a lot of pictures. However, if a specific region or a customer wants to photograph the location with perfect fresh snow, especially on a beautiful winter day, then we come into play. New images are always beneficial, especially when searching on Google. Google offers the Streetview program publicly and any local guide can add content to Google Streetview. We, on the other hand, do this exclusively on behalf of our customers. Whether it’s a mountain village or a local business that wants to be found better on Google – all the images we produce are also published on Google. This is another channel that attracts prospects.