Gym tour

Do you have a great fitness studio with modern equipment and lots of course rooms? A sauna and a drinks bar? A modern dance studio with great furnishings and the right lighting for the mood? Then show off your premises with a gym tour.

Potential customers check the variety of offers on the Internet. Provide more information and present your premises online.

What benefit does a tour of your gym offer you?

What advantage does a 360° gym tour have on Google?

The main  advantage of a 360° tour on Google  is the integration with Google Maps. Your customers will come across your studio in a Google search and can see your premises online as if you were there.

Improve your Google ranking  and stand out from the crowd. Create trust with customers and impress them with your premises.

Why are 360° virtual tours becoming increasingly important?

Studies  show that visual effects are becoming increasingly important to potential customers.

A virtual 360° tour of your fitness studio has the advantage that the tour can not only be integrated into Google Maps but also onto your Facebook page and your website.

The biggest advantage  is arousing customer interest and search engine optimization. This allows you to reach more new customers and increase your sales.