Virtual tour of the hotel

Potential guests inform and compare hotel offers on the Internet. You look at your pictures, check the reviews and then decide for or against your hotel.

The better you present yourself on the Internet and the more information you reveal, the more useful it is for the guest.

How do you feel about booking a hotel? What are you paying attention to? Isn’t a virtual tour of the hotel interesting? No deceptive pictures, you will find everything exactly as if you were there.

Did you know …?

A large travel portal also had tests carried out and the results were astonishing. Customers stay significantly longer on hotel pages with a tour, find out more information and are more likely to click on links than pages without hotel tours.

Guests see what awaits them and thank them by booking.

A study found that for 78% of internet users surveyed, the visual impressions of the ambience are the most important criterion when searching online. At “Best Western” the booking rate with a virtual 360° tour increased by up to 45% compared to conventional image galleries. 


A virtual tour is also ideal for conference hotels. Ambience is becoming increasingly important for more and more companies. The equipment of the meeting rooms also plays an important role. Is there a projector available? Is there enough space etc. is conveyed through a tour.  

What is the advantage of a
virtual tour of the hotel?

The advantage of a 360° tour of your hotel is its high efficiency and interactivity. Your potential customers can get a clear picture of your hotel and move through your premises. He feels like he’s right there.

4 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Your Resort or Hotel