Why a 360° restaurant tour for Google Maps?

Potential customers find out where you want to go online and on mobile. Check reviews, read the menu or listen to recommendations from friends/acquaintances. Just one click decides which restaurant it will be.

How you can win more customers online

Have you recently renovated your restaurant or are you the proud owner of a new cafe? If no one sees it, it’s of no use to you. Show your potential guests the ambience and flair of your premises with a restaurant tour. The viewer can move freely and actively in your restaurant as if they were there.

The more information you make available online, the greater the customer’s trust will be. Place your 360° restaurant tour not only on your website but also on Google Maps, Facebook and YouTube.

Did you know …?

That  guests can already admire your rooms with a Google search . Thanks to the  improved Google ranking,  you will be found better on Google. This means you can win even more new customers.

You create transparency and trust with your potential guests and customers.

The  time spent on a website is 5x longer . More visitors mean more customers and therefore higher sales. 

You can easily integrate your restaurant tour onto your Facebook page or website. This feature is particularly interesting for catering establishments that do not have their own website.

 We can also incorporate your  menus and table reservations into your 360° restaurant tour . This makes your workload easier and allows you to fully concentrate on your catering business.