Virtual 360° tour of the hairdressing salon/cosmetic salon Why is it so important?

New customers are acquired during online searches. Potential customers find out more about your salon online or via mobile devices. They look at pictures of your salon and check reviews.

The better positioned you are on the internet, the greater the reach you will achieve. Enable your future customers to admire your beautiful rooms and ambience when searching on Google. Improve your Google ranking and stand out from the crowd. 

Yes. The virtual 360° tour of your hairdressing beauty salon can be integrated not only on your Facebook page but also on YouTube.

This makes sharing, liking and general interaction around your salon easier and gets the word out. Your existing customers will thank you if you can show your salon to their friends.

What is the advantage of a virtual tour of your hairdressing beauty salon:

The advantage of a 360° tour is its high efficiency and interactivity. Your potential customers can get a clear picture of your premises and move around as if the customer were there.